Enlightened Theatrics Non Profit Organization

Enlightened Theatrics Enlightened Theatrics is a nonprofit organization involved in performing arts in Salem, Oregon. The main vision of Enlightened Theatrics is to conduct many educational programs on art. Hence, acting, dancing, and voice performance classes are conducted by a team of performing artists. The goal of the organization is achieved by working closely with business professionals, community leaders, and other nonprofit organizations. Many talented individuals are given employment by this organization.

Resource for art education and outreach

The education programs of the organization are helping the youth of Salem, Oregon to a great extent. The ultimate aim of the organization is to heighten the cultural and economic features of Salem. This has become possible by delivering a top-notch theatrical experience. They have given a path to others for delivering arts programs. Individuals in Salem who are interested in developing their art careers can contact the organization further. This organization is the hotspot for cultural development
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Enlightened Theatrics, 187 High St NE #209, Salem, OR 97301